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Every successful athlete has a coach and mentor. I can offer expert advice, assist with program development, answer your questions, be someone to bounce ideas off of, assist with problem solving and monitor your progress. Let me be your coach and mentor. I guarantee you won't be disappointed! 

Here's what I offer:

  • Remote Coaching & Mentoring Package
  • Complete Basics Coaching Program
  • One-On-One Private Training Sessions
  • Phone Consults

Remote Coaching & Mentoring Package

There's no need to be alone in your quest to be as good as you and your retriever can be!

Do you feel like you're fumbling around trying to decide what to train on? Do you have trouble developing a training plan that makes sense and covers all the bases? Do you see the weaknesses in yourself and your dog and have a plan that will turn those weaknesses into strengths?

Stop trying to train your retriever by yourself. Let me, a professional take an unbiased look and guide you day by day down the road to success. The Remote Coaching and Mentoring Package includes unlimited coaching via text messaging, phone conversation and video messaging. You and your dog will be thoroughly evaluated at the start and a personalized training program with your goals in mind will be developed for you. You will also receive training material including diagrams and instructions relevant to your training program. 

A three month subscription is $750 and renews every 3 months or a monthly subscription is $295 and renews monthly. Call me at (229) 977-4770 for more information or click here to sign up.


Complete Basics Coaching Program

You have the opportunity to do the BASICS better than a pro!

Many trainers struggle when it comes to making those all important decisions. Do I send my puppy away for the basics? Who should I send it to? Will they do a good job? Will they give it the attention and personalized training it needs and deserves? How will my puppy handle the kennel environment? Should I do the basics myself? Do I have the knowledge and skills to get it done right? I've had this conversation with individuals many times.

Consider this. What if you had all the training material you needed and the guidance of a coach? I can walk you through each step, review your work, tweak your methods, answer your questions and help you with problem solving? It might not be as hard as you think and what you'll learn about training retrievers will be invaluable. So together, let's properly prepare your dog for advanced training and a bright future. 

A three month subscription is $750 and renews every 3 months or a monthly subscription is $295 and renews monthly. Call me at (229) 977-4770 for more information or click here to sign up.


One-On-One Private Training Sessions

Just you, me and your retriever for an hour!

Sometimes you need the help of a pro without the distractions of group training. That's why I offer in person, One-On-One Private Training Sessions. All you need to do is provide me with a list of topics you'd like to cover and some background information so we can dial in on your needs.

Private training sessions are available in Vernon, FL and in conjunction with any workshop. Simply call or email to schedule your session. Private training sessions are $95 for the first hour and $75 for each additional hour.

Private training sessions can also be done at your location, anywhere in the U.S. or Canada. There would be additional costs for travel (hotel & fuel or flight). The daily rate is $400 and the minimum is 2 days. This rate applies for up to 2 people with up to 2 dogs each.

Call me at (229) 977-4770, message me below for more information or click here to sign up.


Phone Consults

Have questions about training your retriever or a problem you need help with? Lets talk!

There are times when training challenges seem insurmountable. Stop struggling and call me. You'd be surprised how often the challenges people face, are small hurdles that just need the right approach.

Phone consults are $35 for 30 minutes. Call me at (229) 977-4770 for more information or click here to sign up.


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